Speedy Centurion

 100th Parkrun Speedy Centurion is such an apt title.  I didn’t coin this phrase myself, though.   It was from one of my new Facebook friends who wrote this as a comment when I announced …

100th Parkrun with a PB too (26:40)! Third in my age group! 😊💜

My 100th Parkrun happened on Saturday 13th January!  This was greatly helped by being able to take part in 6 Parkruns in the space of 15 days! 🙂  I can’t quite believe I actually did run 6 parkruns from 23rd December until 6th January!  There were 3 usual Saturday runs.  To double that up I ran one on Christmas Day and two on New Years Day!

In comparison to the previous few days, it started off as a fairly warm day.  That is relatively speaking, as 5°C is not that warm – but for running it was just fine.  I did not give much advance notice, but Friday I did announce that it was to be my 100th run and to wear purple to celebrate the occasion with me.

100th Parkrun

A few wore there parkrun volunteer 25 milestone shirts.  I hope to earn myself one of those this year!

100th Parkrun

Others either wore shirts or jackets or trainers that had some purple.

100th Parkrun

Thanks to everyone for making an effort for me. It was lovely to see. I myself wore my Hulk t-shirt, a purple sparkly sports skirt and a green/blue bobble hat. Not all over purple, but the Hulk is my favourite Marvel character, who also wears purple!  I also wrote 100 on each cheek with some purple lip gloss 🙂

The start of the run set off smoothly and at a comfortable pace.  I was a little further back than usual.  I was held back a little by the sheer amount of people in front of me.  But as soon as there was a gap I weaved myself through it.

100th Parkrun

The splits show that my first 1K was much slower than the rest at 5:51 mins per km.  Which means that I could have had an even better PB! My 4th K is normally the slowest, and at 5:30 mins per km – I was on for at least a 20 second improvement on the final time.  No competitiveness there then!!!  My final 1 km is normally the quickest of the 5, and I think on this day it was the quickest over all.  Less than 5 mins (just)!   I think it helped that I was being used as a pacer the first half, and then I was playing cat and mouse with a lady ahead of me for the latter half.

I have come a long way since Parkrun #50 back in November 2016.  My splits were closer to 7 mins per km (6:46, 6:37, 6:51, 7:03, 6:38) at a total of 33m 59s back then.  I look forward to the next 50.  It may take me longer this year – as I have at least 14 volunteer roles to look forward to, to reach the 25 milestone.

Happy Parkrunning!

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