A Running Nut Story

A Running Nut Story.  Where it all started…

My journey started at Luton Wardown Parkrun on a grey Saturday morning of October in 2015, I ran and walked the 5k course in 42:25. I remember feeling rubbish and hated Parkrun and running in general. Evelyn was at this exact Parkrun too and I’ve seen her in the photos from that day!

Fast Forward to May 2016, and I joined a beginners running course with Stopsley Striders, my 3rd ever parkrun time was now 39:41 and this is where my love of running started to show.

A Running Nut Story

This picture is from my Parkrun graduation from the Stopsley Striders beginners course.  All info on Stopsley Striders can be found on their website , including the beginners course.

Now I began to sign up for races, Hitchin 5k course, Stopsleys 5 mile Trail Race, Leighton 10k . At this point I was seeing Ev at Parkrun and she began to join us on runs with Stopsley Striders. I had seen her at Parkrun but I was moved by her story, her inspirational journey from running, running everyday for Team Simon and her incredible weightloss! Through a love of running and gin we became friends.

Evelyn once told me her favourite distance to run was a half marathon, I thought she was completely insane as I had only ran 10k and felt like my legs were going to fall off.  Ev, my fellow runners and my brother egged me on to sign up for a half marathon. Still on a runners high of Love Luton’s 10K, I signed up for Watford Half on 4th Feb and MK 20miles. INSANE!

A Running Nut Story

What I discovered through training for my half marathon, is that I really missed doing nothing on sundays.  Sundays became the days of the long run, and starting in December on my training plan, I was up to 12 miles by the end of 2017.  I had all the gear, my trusty Brook running shoes, High5 gels and my Stopsley striders vest, I was ready! Ev was there at the start of my half marathon, and there was her smiley face at the finish line to support my finish. with a time of 2 hours and 35 minutes, I almost cried with joy that I had done it, but sore and struggling to walk I was ready to rest.



A running nut story

March 11th , Milton Keynes running festival – 20 miles. I was not ready. After my half marathon, I was sore and my hips hurt.  I was having problems with numb feet and copious amounts of snow that ruined my training plan. I ran with my brother and by 10 miles, I had enough, and changed to the half marathon route. I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn’t manage it, but once I had overcome that feeling, I realised I had just ran 2 x half marathons within 5 weeks of each other…. now I realised how Ev liked the half marathons!

Lu's running story

I hated training, I missed my weekends and missed the chatty social runs in the evenings. So I’m no longer training for long distance running….until the other side of the summer. Evelyn on the other hand, blasted through her 20 mile race like it was nothing!  Continuing with her run streak, and now she is tapering down ready for Manchester Marathon on Sunday 8th April. Please support her fund raising for Simon https://www.gofundme.com/help-get-simon-home

Through my commitment to running, and my running club, I am now on the committee for Stopsley Striders.  I am also a leader in running fitness, meaning I am licensed and qualified to coach running sessions. If you want to come along for a run or you are after any advice, please contact me via my Instagram or through Stopsley Striders Facebook page.

That’s my story so far, my next races are Leighton 10k, Tough Mudder and Love Luton Half, follow my Instagram to see what I get up to @lu.runningnut  – thank you!

Evelyn says:  Thank you so much Lu for sharing your story!  I am happy to have met you and didn’t even realise we started parkrun around the same time.  You’ve come a long way and you still have some great stories to make and tell.  I will continue to marvel at your on going achievements and be inspired by your approach to health and fitness.  Lu didn’t even mention her gym sessions and swimming.  Thank you for the kind words too.  Here’s to many more half marathons and gin nights out.  💜😀

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