Running helps me

Running helps me ...


The experiences I’ve gone through in the last few weeks has highlighted how running helps me stay sane.  Whether enabling me to think things through, clear my mind, getting alone time or to socialise… running has been the answer to them all!!!  In no particular order here are 10 reasons how, or why, 

Running helps me…

#1… calm down

The very reason I wanted to write this post.  I witnessed an accident recently.  Right before my eyes a cyclist decided to risk his life by riding through a red light into on coming traffic.  I saw the whole thing.  It shook me!  It was quite upsetting and I had to stop for a while before I could continue home.  As soon as I got home, I put on my running kit and went out for a run.  The run helped calm me down and clear my mind.  It stopped me from being anxious, and helped me breath again.


#2 … cheer up

I always feel so much better after a run.  Whatever my mood is before I go out, I’m always uplifted on my return.  Even if it is a bad run, I still feel good from getting out there.  It brings on the feel good factor.  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, when you get a PB to a race, or at Parkrun, that cheers me up no end 🙂


#3 … explore

Getting around on foot helps you experience and appreciate your surroundings.  The routes I commonly take whilst out in my car are never the same as when I run the same route.  Being right amongst it, allows you to notice things that you wouldn’t even see when driving passed it.  When on foot you can go down alternative routes that you would not have bothered about in the car.  You can find short cuts, pass scenic views or land marks that you didn’t know existed.


#4 … meet new people

I have met some lovely people since I started my running journey.  Being involved in Parkrun (as is said my Saturday Addiction) and now being part of a running club (Stopsley Striders) has helped me meet new people who are interested in talking about running, and races, and PBs.  Topics that people in the other areas of my life acknowledge but are not that interested in.  Social Media, especially Instagram has also helped me meet runners from all over the world.  Some closer to home – which I have met up with at Races.  I love the Monday Social runs with the Striders!

Running Helps Me

#5 … travel

Signing up for races has enabled me to visit other parts of the country and the world.  Enabling me to travel to, run and explore, home and abroad.  For races specifically I’ve been to Disney World, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa (although I lived there at that time), and I’ll be off to Portugal soon for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  At home, I’ve been as far north to Liverpool and south to Brighton and Bournemouth for races.  Even on a non race holiday I ran. I even unknowingly was in Runners World picked from my Instagram photo #holidayrunning.


#6… motivate and inspire others.

I post all my runs on Instagram and Facebook. I’m also on Garmin Connect and Strava.  I have been told that seeing my posts and my progress, has motivated people to continue to run or inspired them to start running.  It is a lovely lovely feeling to know that the little things you do out there in the world can help someone else get out there too.  I just want to spread the happiness!  I am also motivated and inspired by the achievements of others I see.


#7… keep fit and lose weight

I started running to help me lose weight.  For along time, it didn’t really help the pounds fall off, but it did keep my weight from increasing any further.  Running has definitely improved my fitness though.  Running my first Parkrun in one go was the best feeling.  Being able to run for the bus with out getting puffed out was a blessing.  Since starting my Keto diet, running has helped as being the exercise of choice to assist the Keto diet in turning my body fat to fuel.


#8… be more determined

Since starting to run I have been able to complete 3 full marathons.  I have been able to stick to something.  For example my run streak is now at 276 days.  After many, many, many years of weight loss attempts, I have finally been able to reach my goal weight.  Training and completing marathons has shown me how determined and focused I can be.  If I can get up and keep running, give or take a walk break, and finish a race – I can do any task I set my mind to.  I have to want to do it of course. 🙂


#9… be more confident

The whole process, of many of the above reasons, has helped to build up my confidence and make me a more confident person.  I was shy before, but being at races on my own has helped me build the courage to talk to strangers.  Proving to myself that I can do this, makes me more confident each time … that I can actually do this.  Breaking the 30 minute 5K barrier, and knowing how I felt through it, made me confident that I can do it again.  Each time I try something, makes me more confident to try it again, but do it better  than before.


#10… help others

As well as motivating others to get out and run, participating in many races has allowed me to contribute to many charities.  I will always donate to the main charity, if there is one, when I register for the race. I have also myself raised money for a couple of the Marathons I have run – $768 for Ottawa Hospital and £959 for the Stroke Association.  At the moment, I am helping to raise money to help my friend be able to move back home to his family, after he suffered a severe stroke. If you are feeling generous please contribute what you can.  There is a link at the top right of this page or please click on DONATE!  Any amount, any currency, you can contribute is much appreciated.

There you have it!  10 reasons running has helped me.  I hope some if not all can help you too.

How does running help you?


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