Run streak day 590

I have reached run streak day 590! And what a lovely Friday it was for a run. Blue skies and sunshine! The place always looks so much better in the sunshine.

run streak day 590

I ended the week with a nice paced 12km run which took me 1h 15mins at a pace of 6:15 min/km. This was week 11 day 2 of my Loch Ness Marathon training plan.  I ran a day later than planned. Thursday was way too hot and by the time it cooled down, it was a little to late to set off on a longish run.

I was able to head out at around 10:30am.  This was still on the warm side of around 19 °C but much more manageable than the 24-25°C it was heading to be.

run streak day 590

I still can’t believe I’m on run streak day 590! It didn’t seem that long ago when I reached 100 days!  Thankfully the little injury I had suffered has seemed to clear up now.  I lost a little bit of my endurance whilst just doing the shorter runs.  The heatwave we are having over here in the UK has not helped with my speeds either.  But thankfully I am getting it all back slowly but surely.



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