Ottawa St. Patrick’s Day Race for CHEO 2014

So this weekend was the St Patrick’s Day 5K run!  It was a much warmer morning then my last run +2 degrees C which made it a more comfortable wait.  I got to the meeting point a local school gym and was way too early.  I run on my own and so went on my own!  There were a lot more runners taking part in this race too


Waiting to start the race


It was fun to see some of the people dress up in their paddy’s day attire – a lot of shades of green and amusing costumes and hats!  Of course I didn’t manage to capture any of them 🙂   I prefer to run on my own, or at least I think I do, as I like to do my own thing – I don’t want to dictate anyone else’s pace and I don’t want them to dictate mine. But it’s times like these, when you are waiting around, that I think it would be great to share with someone, I then have thoughts of …’ I should really join a running group’ and such like.  But as soon as I start running those thoughts vanish.  Every so often some announcements are made, muffled and incoherent!  People look around and at each other with the same expression …”What did he say”, “I couldn’t understand a word”. and at one point he ditched the mic and shouted with cupped hands – a little bit clearer, but not much.  But you could make out the words 10K ..start .. first ..5K ..later… But in the end it was just a case of following the crowd with the same colour numbers on their bib as I had 🙂 


Start Line

The course was along the Rideau Canal from Pretoria Bridge to Bank Street Bridge and back.  The Canal is still Iced over, but I can see this being a lovely run in the summer!  So off we went.  The first 5 minutes are always the worst for me.  I think, well I know, it’s because I don’t warm up properly in a race setting.  I do stretches and I walk up and down, jump a little, but I should also jog for 5 minutes – so that, that initial feeling is gone, and doesn’t occur in the race.  I also do start off a little faster pace than may be I should, so that could also contribute.  But after that I settle in my pace.  I decided that I will try and jog all of any 5K races that I do, and then any longer races I will do the run-walk-run method.  So I jogged and every time I felt like stopping, I only slowed a little and then picked up the pace when I felt better.  I also told myself that If I was going to stop then it should only be when I reached the water station.  So that kept me going.  I got to the water station, which thankfully had liquid water (instead of ice – like the last race) but it was a little to warm for my liking!  But I took some, thanked them of course, and walked while I drank.   I started to jog again a little after I had finished my water, but happy to say that the pace was the same as when I first started.  I did slow down again, but when I rounded the bend and saw the finish point and the clock showing 38 minutes, I picked it up a notch with bigger strides and ran as fast as I could – I did not want the minute digit to go up to a 9 before I crossed the line.  And it didn’t. The race was chip timed so my official time was 38m 35s -Yay!! that’s a minute and a half quicker overall a new personal record!!! Unfortunately no finishers medal 🙁 but did get a nice NB technical t-shirt so that’s something!  Nice Birthday present to myself!!

ImageI also use my Nike+ watch – and on this occasion I used both gps and the shoe pod thingy- and it stated the overall distance was 5.18 km in 38m 43s with a new 5k record of 37m 36s!


My Nike+ Records and Splits

So who/what do I believe?!?  I will go with the official times, but to be honest, I am happy (singing the Pharrell Williams song) with either of these times.  I can see my fitness and endurance improving every time I run, train or race.  When I reach a 30-31min 5K I will be satisfied, so I will keep going.  Now on to the next 5K race in April and then my first 10K race in May. 

I seem to be picking races that don’t give finisher medals – so I am going to have to start checking for this before I pay my reg fee! 🙂 


What did you think? Let me know below!

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