Night Race Ottawa – 5K

Saturday night, 2014-08-16, was the Night Race in Ottawa!  This is race 11 out of 14, of the 14 in 2014 challenge!

It had been raining all day long!   I was wondering if it would be cancelled, as it was supposed to run through a park!  Lucky they posted on Facebook that the race would take place, rain or shine.  I myself do not mind running in the rain, so this suited me down to the ground.   The Start and Finish would be run around the Athletics Track at the Terry Fox Stadium!  First time I have run on a proper track since high school!


The Finish illuminated in the rain

Those who arrived early were all huddled in the office area.  Not much room at all, but the rain was heavy at that point.  Look at the dark clouds in the distance, signalling more to come.  I arrived slightly earlier than I normally do, as I wanted to be able to park as close as possible,  as it’s a late one and so as not to wandering around later on my own.


The clouds are looming

But I think I got there much too early!    There was a DJ but he was still setting up, and also the rain meant that no one was really hanging outside to hear him anyway!  After a while I ventured out, to see what was happening.  They had a glow station where you can get glow sticks, I got three and made it into a necklace of sorts, and you could have your face painted with luminous paint! I got that too! 🙂


Face painted and ready to go!

As part of your race kit you got a head light which was required to be warn, and you were advised to set it up before arrival.  It was just a case of popping the batteries in and attaching the lamp to the head strap… no biggy!  As the sun went down, the rain stopped too! Just in time for the actual race itself.


Lights on!

The first to set off were the kids 1K race, then the 10K and then the 5K – that was me!


Ready to start!

As it was a 5K, I decided to run all the way – as much as I could.   I felt really good.  There were a lot of runners doing the 5K, around 400 or so, therefore it took a fair few seconds before reaching the start line.  The initial part of the course took us about 100 metres or so along the track, and then out the gate along to the rest of the main part of the course.  This was long a narrow path way, and due to the number of runners it was a little bit of a bottle neck.  So the initial pace was a little slower until the path widened, and people were able to disperse.  I managed to run the first 2.5 km fairly fast, for me, at 6:58 min/km pace!  I was surprised.  Then we reached the water station, so I decided to walk whilst I drank.  I ended up walking longer than I should have done, for just under 0.5km!  Why did I stop!  I carried on,  and could here thunder in the distance.  That kept me going for a little while, but then my pace slowed due to an incline on the way back.  I now realise why I was a little faster at the beginning than usual!  As the incline leveled off, we entered the stadium again to run the 300 metres round the rest of the track!  My inner “Mo” kicked in and I was able to pick up my pace and speed through the finish line, my last 1K ended up being run in 6min 31secs!!!   My final time was 35:57, missing a new PR by 22 seconds!  If only I didn’t walk for so long at the water stop!  Did I even need stop! Possibly not!


To celebrate we got a can of beer – low calorie though, but refreshing all the same! 🙂


A well deserved “free” beer to celebrate completion!


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  1. Leona
    24th August 2014 / 1:55 am

    Woman I can’t – I just can’t keep up with you. What!
    I see you tackling the amazing race one day… :oP
    Did I just plant a seed? YESSS!!!
    I’d tune in and cheer you on… tee hee…

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