National Capital Run – 10 K

My 2nd 10 K race completed today!  It was also the 10th race out of 14 for the 14 in 2014 challenge.  I was back on client site yesterday and therefore I was only 10 minutes away to go pick up  my race kit.   So I did that yesterday!  I do normally pick it up the day before, however, I normally have to leave work a little early to try and avoid the traffic.  The pick up window is much earlier than other races – ends at 6 pm and I normally finish at 5:30pm.  But as I said, no such problem this time.   So I collected my bib and race pack, and then moved to the queue to go collect my t-shirt.

Bib NumberI commented to myself, but a little out loud, that I was glad it wasn’t the other way up… 666 would not have been a good number for the race!  A nice young man who stood alongside me, I think I actually just cut in in-front of him,  also made a comment back stating it was a lucky number.  I then informed him that it was the UK emergency services number 🙂 and let’s hope I won’t need it or them! 🙂 And we laughed.  We collected are respective tees and headed back to the car park.  I found out that he was doing the sprint triathlon – I like the idea of that, but my swimming is not the best.  I may consider doing a duathlon – but I need a bike for that – still have not got round to buying one yet.  We wished each other good luck for our races and headed are separate ways.

I decided against getting the tech shirt for this race – I will be doing a few somersault series races so didn’t want to invest in all of them.  The t-shirt you get is cotton so not wise to wear it for race day, and this one was bright red.  I am not of the camp of you do not wear your race t-shirt on race day!  I am proud to be doing the race, so want everyone to know it on the way there and during the race 🙂  But again, only if it’s a tech-shirt, especially in the summer heat.

On to the race itself;  The 5K and 10K started together.  It was a linear out and back course through the park and along the Rideau River.  The views across the river were lovely.  I enjoy a good view across a body of water – river, lake, sea any will do!

Rideau River

Rideau River



The river, at the park, has a beach along it, and that was where they swim portion of the triathlon was held.  Another reason I don’t like the idea of the triathlon, you normally have to swim in open water, and not a pool.
The 5K was out and back, and the 10K was double out and back.  The start and finish lines were in different locations.  In fact I went to the Start, expecting to collect my chip timer from there, but then realized I had to go all the way round to the Finish line area.  Lucky I was there in ample time.  I jogged over, the most warm up I’ve ever done before a race lol! I got my chip and was back with 10 minutes to spare.

I went to almost the back, as I was practicing my run:walk for this race, so that I would not be in the way of anyone when I slowed to the walk portion.  My interval timer on my watch was set for a 2 minute warmup, then the first interval was the 3 minute run followed by the 1 minute walk interval.  Because of the setup, I decided to do the first 5 minutes as a run.  Then followed the interval timer for the most part for the rest of the race.  The 1st km was the fastest, at 6:45, it always is!  The rest ranged between 7:31 and 7:55, with one rogue km at 8:07.  In comparison to my first 10 k race, generally the paces matched.  My first km was very much faster and the splits pace range was very similar too – the 7min paces were slightly faster, and the 8min paces were slightly slower and there were a couple more of them.  So overall my race was evenly matched, however these were different courses, so the comparison may not be that accurate.  But it does go to show that the run/walk method helps to even out your pace.  It also preserves your energy, as at the end of the race, I was able to kick in to a higher gear to finish off the race.  All in all it went very well.  At times I didn’t want to stop at the walk breaks, as I had a nice burst of energy, but I did stop!  There was 1 aid station, with water and Gatorade, positioned so that the 5kers would pass it 2 times and the 10kers would pass it 4 times.  They were great cheering us on, and calling us out by name.  I say us, that was at the beginning of the race when the 5k race was still going.  By the time they had finish we had to go out again!  There were only 78 runners doing the 10 k and when you have that few people it is very easy being at the back of the pack.  I don’t mind though – I just didn’t want to be the last one!  And I wasn’t last, I came in at 76th! My GPS watch clocked in at 1h 16m 7s and I probably stopped a little after the finish line – so it really could have been 1h 15m ?s.  The race was only gun timed, and I was at the back of the starting pack so I didn’t cross the line at the gun – but my official time was 1h 16m 21.


All in all I am happy!  It was a really good test of my pacing during a race with the run-walk method.

My finishers medal

My finishers medal

Hopefully it allows me to sustain that pace for a half marathon it means I am headed for a 2h32m time.  That would be great!  My goal time is 2h45m now, so I would be very surprised if that is possible.  They say you should double your 10k time and add 10 minutes, but surely that doesn’t apply to the run walk method.  Well we shall see!



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