MEC Ottawa Race 1 – My Second 5k (4.58K) Race

Originally written on Jan 27, 2014 at 11:01 PM

I still went through with the race even though it was -24°C 🙂

MEC Ottawa Race 1 Pre-race

Pre-race talk – I’m off to the right!


It was held at the Rideau Carleton Race track.  There is a section of the route that we were supposed to go through forest land… they had cleared the snow on the Saturday, but the snow came down again and covered everything up so they had to reroute the course.. so it ended up being 4.5 Km.  My Nike + sportswatch showed 4.58 km though, and I completed it in 36m 27s with an avg pace of 7m 58s.






I started off at the back of the pack, so was chasing a bit.. hence the faster pace at the beginning.

Thats me way back in the distance - I was able to pass these two just after mile 1

Thats me way back in the distance – I was able to pass these two just after mile 1

But I am happy to say that I didn’t need to stop at all.  I did stop/slow down at the water station but the water had already frozen 😀 so I skipped it in the end and carried on.  I was able to take over a couple of guys who were run/walking, which meant that I didn’t come in last.  It was a smaller group and I chuckled to myself as the 10K runners were lapping me.  But I thought to myself that will be me one day!

If I use a pace calculator at the average pace I was going at, then the whole 5km would have taken me 39m 48s which is a 32s improvement on my first 5k, they call that a PR!  So I am really happy about that!  Not sure if that’s actually what would have happened as my pace was slowing down.

I don’t think I could say that I had a sprint finish, but I definitely did pick up the speed for the last 200m, especially when I saw the clock in the distance.

I felt good after the race. Not tired at all and just happy, I enjoyed it, despite the temperature.  I’m feeling my thighs today, but could be because I also did Max Interval Plyo in the evening of the race too!

I have gone ahead and registered for the April race, a 5Km.  But might want to do one in between now and then, as April seems so far away. I have around 3 weeks left of the Insanity workouts (1 week behind schedule) but I’ll get it done!! Can’t stop now!

Insanity has definitely helped, no doubts there.  Day 50 is tomorrow so only 2 weeks left.. can’t believe its gone by so quickly.  It could have been just one week left if I hadn’t slacked off 🙂

My teambeachbody coach said “My suggestion would be to finish out your Insanity and just add in a weekend run.  Somewhere in the 3-5 km range depending on how you feel.  That will be your endurance training, and for now, the Insanity will be your “threshold” or “speed” training.  It will work, trust me. “


What did you think? Let me know below!

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