My First 10K Race

So today was my first 10 K race. As I may have mentioned in previous posts I am using myasics for my training schedule, and the target time set was 1 hr 17 minutes. It seemed a feat, but doable as it had been worked out from my 5K race times. I thought to myself, why did you put your fastest 5K time, why didn’t you put in an average! LOL! But the day arrived and I am happy to say that I achieved my target and then some. My final time came in at 1 hr 15 mins:

10K Results

I am so pleased! I came in 263 out of 346 ladies, and 60th out of 78 in my age group. The organization was the best of the races I have attended so far. Music to get you going at pre-race. Speakers for the cause, including Sean Austin of Goonies fame, and the gift packs were brilliant. This is also the first of the races where a short warmup routine was given. It was a little cramped but good all the same. So. again, no finishers medal! It’s eluding me!! But, I got a nice dainty finishers bracelet instead – so it something that can be warn more often than a medal. So may be it’s better 🙂

Run for Women

As you are aware by now, I use my nike+ watch to track myself during the race, and to help keep my pace – or show me whether I am keeping my pace or not (cos if I’m not, I don’t know how it’s going to make me do it!! 🙂 lol!) But I won myself 4 more achievements – fastest 10k, fastest 5k, fastest mile and fastest 1k. So again the times are slightly quicker (only 15 secs this time though). But I am liking that I am almost at a 10 minute mile – it is bringing me closer to that 30 minute 5K I am trying to achieve.

Nike+ Achievements

In my last post I mentioned that I will do 14 races in 2014, and that there was a challenge going on out there! Well I am happy to report, that I was able to join the challenge, late in the day though I am. I thought I was doing well with the 4 races I have now done, but some people are already at 10 races, its only just May!!! Lol. Well this race is number 4, so I have 10 to go! I want to try and get a place in one of the races for the Ottawa Race Weekend, in 2 weeks. I will see what I can do! I have to get on and register for the other races I have planned on my race schedule already before they sell out! And find a couple more! I was just lucky to have been able to register for the Disney Avengers Half Marathon! It sold out within 2 hours of coming on sale. If someone had not mentioned it at Lunch I would have missed it completely. When I went to check it was at 95% and between leaving work and getting home (as I had left my credit card there) it was up to 98% sold!! So just made it! Still excited, but not started training for it yet! It has not quite hit me yet! It’s only 2 10Ks back to back, right? – how bad can it be! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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