movie challengeRunning is a huge part of my life but not all of it! With that said I would like to include different aspects of said life.  I recently had to change jobs and will be travelling a lot more, may be including a few nights away from home. I decided to invest in a Cineworld Unlimited card. At an annual cost of around £214 (monthly £17.90) it’s not a bad deal! These days a film cost between £9 – £11 a go! This means I would only need to watch 2-3 films a month to recoup my costs! Bargain! After 21 films it’ll be free!

I will post updates on the movies I go to see, to remember the films I’ve watched and to track how many I’ve seen . 🙂

Note: Cineworld Unlimited Purchased: 09/03/2018



# Name Comments Rate (out of 10)
1 Black Panther I love a good Marvel film and all the hype around this film was not wasted! It has all the action scenes, futuristic tech and stunning cast, to be expected of such a production!  It is also unlike any Marvel film before.  With a strong beautiful leading black cast and a story line with purpose.

It portrays Africa in the best light – I love the fact Wakanda is more technologically advanced and doesn’t want to show it off and lose it.  I love the way they showed Wakanda’s advancements but still intertwined with African culture!  Of course the presence of strong black female characters – who had brains, Shuri, and fighting prowess, Okoye, could be the best thing of all.  For me the story flowed the whole way through.

Just to confirm, I loved this film. Go see it!

2 Blocker Ordinarily this is not a film that would be in my first choice to see list.  The time I got to the cinema, just after 9pm, meant that the selection was limited.  I enjoy a laugh so a comedy was the best of the bunch.  It basically is a teen movie where three parents try to stop there three daughters from loosing their virginity at prom.  All the comedic antics that happen along the way.  It was funny in parts, and silly funny in others.  A gross vomit scene was there too!

It wouldn’t be a film I’d recommend but if you have an unlimited card, it’s one of those films that help get your use out of it.

3 Every Day Another teen fiction type film. A story of a young teenager, called A, who gets pulled into and out of another teenagers body every 24 hours. Always the same age, never the same body, and could be a female or a male.  “A” finally connects with someone, a girl and finds a way to let her know.  It’s a strange but imaginative concept.  Very interesting how certain things pan out.  I wouldn’t say it’s a standout film but I enjoyed watching it none the less. 7
4 Avengers: Infinity War  I expected great things from the next instalment of the Marvel films.  Although I was not disappointed, it was not better then Black Panther.  Its not possible to improve on perfection though!  Great to see all the different Marvel characters come together, lots of action and comedic elements. Great to see Wakanda again too!  Sad what they had to do there, and to it, though. 9
5 Book Club This seemed to be a funny movie from the trailer.  Although it wasn’t so bad, it wasn’t brilliant either.  Amusing in parts and also good to know you can still (re-)find love in your later years.  There’s still hope for me yet! 😀 6.5
6 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Could I like anything more than Marvel films? Yes, yes I can.  I love dinosaurs! This new Jurassic World film did not disappoint.  I enjoyed the storyline, the reuniting of old characters and of course the Dinosaurs were amazing.  The classic T-rex saving them scene was still there too … a few times in fact. Love it! 💜

I was even the last to hang back and wait for the end scene after a very long set of credits. That was ok, but not really worth the wait.

7 Incredibles 2 One of the really cool things about having the Cineworld Unlimited Card is that you get the chance to see films that have not been generally released as yet.  I put my name down for a Secret Unlimited Screening.  They don’t tell you what it is.  You don’t find out until you’re in front of the screen ready to watch.  After the usual adverts and trailers, the movie title appeared.  Of course everyone was trying to guess what it would be beforehand. There were cheers!

The film itself was great fun to watch.  Good story, fun characters and great action for an animated film.

8 Ocean’s 8 The female spin off to the Ocean’s movies, sees Danny Oceans’ sister bring an all girl crew together to live out a 5 year or so plan to steal some jewels.

I found it to be a slow starter, and a little boring in parts.  Overall it was ok but not as good as I was expecting it to be.  I’m glad I have seen it but wouldn’t be one I would recommend you to go watch necessarily.

9 Adrift This film was based on a true story.  It always astounds me how someone in “real life” has such an amazing story, that the movie gods will spend money on making it for the big screen.  This was definitely one of those amazing stories.  I’m not one to give story lines away, but as you’d already have gathered from the trailer it is about the trials and tribulations of a young woman who gets lost at sea in a sailing boat/yacht.  What she has to endure was heart wrenching and it did bring a physical tear(s) to my eye.  Normally the tear factor would automatically make this a 9 or 10.  But what brought the score down was how long winded the storytelling was.  Apart from that it truly was amazing.  Makes me feel that I have not yet found the love of my life.  Here’s hoping! 🙂 7.5
10 Patrick I’m actually afraid of dogs, but I still went to see a movie, of which is, named after a dog – the “main”character! I saw the trailer and despite the dog element I thought I would enjoy it.  There’s running in it… so does it class as a running film? 😀  I suppose it’s the RomCom element that got me to watch it too.  I enjoyed it, in spite of the dog being present.  It was funny and they all lived happily ever after! 7.5
11 Mission: Impossible – Fallout Tom Cruise never fails to disappoint.  These MI films get better and better every time.  It had me gripping the edge of my seat… quite literally! Loved it 💜 10
12 Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! I enjoyed this film.  It was not as good as the first one though.  But it had the ability to evoke emotions in me, this brought up the tear factor rating.  A lot of aspects really resonated with me.  I also did enjoy the final song where they got all the cast together to sing at the end. 8
13 First Man This movie tells the story of how the first man landed on the moon.  An amazing feat!  Heartbreaking back story of what they had to go through to get there.  It was very slow starting, and a little boring in parts though! 7.5
14 A Star is Born A good film.  A little long though, a section in the middle could have been cut out.  But i did enjoy it.  The singing, and songs, were great! 8.5
15 Green Book This was another Secret Unlimited Screening film.  I was guessing that it would be a more light hearted or Christmas themed movie – hoping it would be the new Mary Poppins film.  I was sadly disappointed to see the films name pop up.  I had not even heard of it.  As it started I was not too keen on it either. It was based on the a true story about an Italian-American bouncer hired by a talented African-American pianist who was touring the deep south in the 60s.  You can imagine my horror – so opposite to what I was expecting.  The green book is a book that listed all the places that black people could stay in the south.  The experiences they went through were horrible and just brought home that similar still happens today, especially across the pond.  I cried quite a bit too – the wrong tear factor rating.  It’s not a film I would have chosen to see – but it was a good film. 8
16 Mary Poppins Returns Finally I get to see the return of Mary Poppins.  Long awaited.  Unfortunately for me I had attended, and enjoyed, two Christmas Parties in a row leaving me with a lack of sleep.  I must have been so comfortable and the theatre was basically empty, probably 4 of us in total, that my body just decided it was a good time for a nap! 😀  The bits I was awake for were great and it was lovely to see the appearance of Mr Dyke.  It was a modern take on the original film.  i’m not sure if the songs are as catchy or as memorable though. 8
17 Bohemian Rhapsody Absolutely brilliant! Totally loved this film. Great depiction of Freddy and them all.  Some of the likenesses were incredible.  Listening (singing along) to all the songs was the best!  Didn’t realise how many Queen songs I knew all the words to.  And watching the Live Aid concert took me right back to watching the real thing on tv when I was 12!  I was glad I was able to catch it before it left the screens. 10
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