movie challengeRunning is a huge part of my life but not all of it! With that said I would like to include different aspects of said life.  I recently had to change jobs and will be travelling a lot more, may be including a few nights away from home. I decided to invest in a Cineworld Unlimited card. At an annual cost of around £214 (monthly £17.90) it’s not a bad deal! These days a film cost between £9 – £11 a go! This means I would only need to watch 2-3 films a month to recoup my costs! Bargain! After 21 films it’ll be free!

I will post updates on the movies I go to see, to remember the films I’ve watched and to track how many I’ve seen . 🙂



# Name Comments Rate (out of 10)
1 Black Panther I love a good Marvel film and all the hype around this film was not wasted! It has all the action scenes, futuristic tech and stunning cast, to be expected of such a production!  It is also unlike any Marvel film before.  With a strong beautiful leading black cast and a story line with purpose.

It portrays Africa in the best light – I love the fact Wakanda is more technologically advanced and doesn’t want to show it off and lose it.  I love the way they showed Wakanda’s advancements but still intertwined with African culture!  Of course the presence of strong black female characters – who had brains, Shuri, and fighting prowess, Okoye, could be the best thing of all.  For me the story flowed the whole way through.

Just to confirm, I loved this film. Go see it!

2 Blocker Ordinarily this is not a film that would be in my first choice to see list.  The time I got to the cinema, just after 9pm, meant that the selection was limited.  I enjoy a laugh so a comedy was the best of the bunch.  It basically is a teen movie where three parents try to stop there three daughters from loosing their virginity at prom.  All the comedic antics that happen along the way.  It was funny in parts, and silly funny in others.  A gross vomit scene was there too!

It wouldn’t be a film I’d recommend but if you have an unlimited card, it’s one of those films that help get your use out of it.

3 Every Day Another teen fiction type film. A story of a young teenager, called A, who gets pulled into and out of another teenagers body every 24 hours. Always the same age, never the same body, and could be a female or a male.  “A” finally connects with someone, a girl and finds a way to let her know.  It’s a strange but imaginative concept.  Very interesting how certain things pan out.  I wouldn’t say it’s a standout film but I enjoyed watching it none the less. 7