MEC Ottawa Race 5 – Wesley Clover Parks – 5K

The rain didn’t care that we were about to set of for a race! “There’s enough rain for everyone” said the race leader today, as he gathered us closer to hear the pre-race instructions. There was a whole lot of rain! It was still warm, at around 20°C, but the rain did not let up. It was “chucking” it down.


I still go to the back of the pack – as I don’t consider my self a fast 5Ker.  And as the countdown begun and the siren went off, we started running.  At this point the rain did lighten to a drizzle.  So the start was not too unpleasant.  I think I set off a little too fast, but it was OK initially. I then remembered the beach race and how I started off way too fast, that I couldn’t keep the pace and ended up having to walk. When I first noticed, I made sure to slow down a little, but not to a walk. This was around the 1 km mark. Even though I was going at just over 6 min/km I was still right at the back, not last, but might as well have been.  The MEC races don’t have a huge group of runners racing, 86 in today’s race.  I slowed down to around 7 min/km and it felt comfortable. So much so that when I looked down at my watch I was expecting to see 8 min/km, but it was still showing 7.  I was happy at that! It makes me believe that the longer training runs are definitely having a positive affect on my short races.

At around the 2km mark was the first water stop!  I thought it was placed a little too early in the course, but I took some all the same.  The cups are tiny, and so I briefly stopped to walk whilst taken the 3 sips it took to finish it.  I then started back running.  The race was held in the equestrian park, along gravelled paths and some tarmacked paths – along a section of the Watts Creek Pathway that I have done a few training runs on – from the other direction.  It was a fairly flat course, with a slight incline up to the finish line.  After my quick drink stop I set back off at my steady pace of just over 7 min/km.  I was amazed that I was still able to keep this up.  I was using a couple of ladies to pace myself – then one of them slowed so I passed her, and the other lady continued on.  My pace remained steady and in the end I passed the other lady – so I lost my pacers (and probably became a pacer for her).  I could see a few bodies in the distance but at this point I wouldn’t have been able to catch them, there was just over 1 km to go!  The rain decided to comeback down again with force.  It felt torrential the downpour was so hard.  The last time I ran through this amount of rain, my iPhone decided to shutdown.  I was lucky, today that did not happen.  The rain generated huge puddles in  the gravelled paths, that there came a point that there was no need to weave my way around them, I just had to run through them.  So I ran through gravelled pathways and muddy puddles – does that make it a trail run?! 🙂   Then came the second water station, it was at around the 4.5k mark.  It was probably aimed at the 10 k runners, and with all the rain that was coming down, I didn’t feel the need to stop for water so close to the end.  So I continued running.  I saw the Finish arch up ahead, so I kicked in to gear to finish the last piece without getting taken over by anyone at the last minute.  I couldn’t really see the clock time, as it had been covered in some clear waterproof material, that for me masked the time.  I trusted my watch time and wanted to wait for the chip times too.  My splits below, show that my first 1K was 6:11 min/km and my remaining splits were in the early 7 min/km – so pleased!

My SplitsAs you can see the splits confirm that the 5K was completed in 35mins 5secs however the below official chip time confirms an extra 31 seconds at 35mins 36secs.

MEC Race 5 Results

But I don’t mind either way, it’s a new pr for me.  Finally down to 35 something 🙂   So my quest for a 30 minute 5K is still in reach!  It took me 7 months to knock off 5 minutes!  I’m hoping that when my anniversary race, the Santa Shuffle in December, comes around I would have met my goal!

This race was the 8th out of the minimum 14 I will be doing for the 14in2014 challenge.


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