MEC Ottawa Race 2 – Spring Gallop – 5K

So another 5K race under my belt.  I am sticking to my plan of a race a month so far so good – although just realized there wasn’t any races I could sign up for in February – so I’ll need to do an extra one to make up for this.  Anyhoo, today I ran the 2nd MEC Ottawa race.  It went very well.  I was still at the back of the pack but came in 95 out of 105, so position a lone I was better placed.  I also  improved my PR time by 45 seconds and this time it was a full 5K.


The weather was lovely, blue sky and sunshine and 6 degrees C.  It was chilly to start, but warmed up from the running and the glare of the sun.  I will have to change from a winter running jacket very soon.  You’d think I would have already been able to do this by now.. but not just yet! This is Ottawa … lol! 


I managed to earn a few more Nike+ awards too…


So my Nike+ watch recorded a slightly faster time again, but the difference is about the same as the other race, overall 45 seconds quicker.  Again I will go with the chipped time, but it’s nice to see 36m and something! 🙂  My training and exercise are still working!

The next MEC Ottawa race 3 is a trail race and is 5.5k – I am not sure about doing a trail race – I don’t know where I would train for it!  In fact just looking at the details now, its next week so I wouldn’t have time.   Well, if I change my mind I will update you here 🙂

Otherwise my next race is in 2 weeks and will be my very first official 10K race!  I am looking forward to it, but not sure how I will make it round.  Although I did run today’s race quicker than I normally do, it still was not a truly comfortable race.  I did have to stop a couple of times.. probably due to running faster!  I cant imagine doing what I did today two times over in a race scenario though!  I think I will revert back to run-walk-run!  And see how that goes.  I started off training that way, then realized the 5K was coming up first, so switched back to just running.   Until then! 





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