Manchester Marathon Training Week 16

Manchester Marathon Training Week 16

Manchester Marathon Week 16

Day 1 – 5.07 km in 33:35 with average pace 6:38 min/km (24-01-2018)

It’s Wednesday the 24th of January.  I decided that today I would go into London as it was my “official” final day at work. I still have about a week and a half left of my train ticket – my monthly pass.  I was going to use this up everyday, by going into London and run round the parks.  Today was going to be Regents Park. However, on the plan was just 5 km.  I ran a mile to the Station, which I have not counted in todays mileage.  If I had run to Regents Park, from West Hampstead, it would have been 4.5 km just to get to the edge of the park!  I wanted to run around it and then back, so I think I will do this tomorrow instead.

That all being said,  today went quite well.  It was supposed to be a slow comfortable jog of around 7:30 min/km and I was slower than I normally am, but faster than the prescribed pace.  I did around 6:38 min/km – around a 33 min 5km – not too bad.  Not too slow, not too fast, so a good comfortable run for me.

Considering I don’t have proper rest days either.  Mondays and Tuesdays are supposed to be rest days on the plan.  Monday is Club night and I joined the 10 min per mile pace group!!!  We did about 5.5 miles in about 10.5 min per mile pace.  It was not too bad, I enjoyed it.  Yesterday I tried a track session for the first time.  Tuesday night our club goes to our local Athletics Club, at Stockwood Park, and we do speed work around the track.

Yesterdays session was (total 48:01 a fast 8.5 km 5:35 min/km):

  • 4 laps (1 mile) warm up.
  • The first session was 6 sets of 300m at 5km pace and the last 100m as fast as you can, then a 12-15 sec rest.
  • After a little break the next session was 4 sets of 700m at 5km pace and the last 100m as fast as you can, then a 12-15 sec rest
  • 2 laps (800m) cool down

Day 2 – 13.33 km in 1:20:23 with an average pace 6:06 min/km (25-01-2018)

The next day, I did travel back down on the train to plan to do my 12 km in Regents Park.  It’s such a beautiful park, but my enjoyment of my run was a little ruined by so many dogs off leashes.   I’m scared of dogs, if you hadn’t guessed.  I tried to keep my calm.  If I did wear a heart rate monitor you would be able to see the spikes where dogs have come close. 😀  Aside from that it was a good run, its a nice distance, 12 km, but I ended running a little longer as running round the park was longer than I worked it out to be.  It’s lovely to run in London.

Day 3 – 4.89 km in 26:27 with an average pace 5:24 min/km parkrun PB (27-01-2018)

Parkrun day today.  It was supposed to be a slow comfortable pace – but its Parkrun.  I know its not a race but I am always trying to better myself at each run.  Recently I’ve not been running hard enough to meet, let alone beat, my previous PB of 26:40.  On this occasion my friend Dave paced me for a PB.  He did a pace to basically let me beat it by 20 seconds. So the aim was 26:20 and I came in on my watch 26:27 but the official parkrun time was 26:23 – so only 3 seconds off Dave’s target. However it wasn’t a full 5km that I ended up running.  It ended up being 4.89 km. But it’s still an officially recorded time so I’m going to take.  So thanks Dave.

Well done Dave, I couldn’t have done it without you.  The way he planned it was not on pace really ,but on times at specific points in the park.  There’s a regular volunteer, Frank, who is at one end of the park and there’s a bridge at the other end. Dave basically planned out the timings to make sure we are at one point at a particular time and then at another point at another specific time.  At the beginning we were a bit slower, may be 16 seconds out.  This would still have been a 4 second PB.  We just gained pace over time.  It was good running with Dave, because he is steady the whole way round.  If it were left up to me, I would run it faster for the  first 3k, slow for the 4th and fast 5th km.  It was also chase the pacer week and I could have tried to chase the 26 minute pacer, but we had already had a plan to do this.  I probably wouldn’t have kept up with the pacer anyway, as he was way ahead of us and I didn’t feel fit enough to be along side him either.  

Day 4 – 24.14 km in 2:34:19 with an average pace 6:24 min/km (28-01-2018)

That took forever but I was able to do just over 24 km.  It was funny as while I was out, I ran through a spot that I had never been through before.  There was no one around so I thought I’d try doing one of those put your camera down and run passed shots. 😀 I totally misjudged it.  For 1: I didn’t clean the lens so it was a bit foggy.  For 2: when I placed my phone down, I couldn’t see the angle of the shot where it was positioned at, so it was pointing upwards instead of towards the distance.  When I ran passed (I had run to two lamp posts ahead)  The range of the shot couldn’t even see the first lamp post. 😀 😀 😀  Check my youtube video below to have a laugh at me!

I did 24.14 km in 2:34 mins 6:24 min/km!  I thought was a little bit over time, but I actually perfectly paced.  The run itself was fine.  I had picked a route before I left.  But as soon as I got out onto the road I wanted to go in a different direction, go figure!  It was more of an exploration run today, as opposed to a straight training run.  I didn’t take any water or gels with me, and didn’t feel I needed to either.  I am really hoping that I won’t need to have anything more than water for the whole distance.  But now my long runs are getting longer I will be able to work this out.  It was quite cool, however it did start off at around 11°C at the start, but soon cooled down afterward.  All in all I was happy with how the run panned out.  I started to get a little tired at around 21 km mark but realising I had only 3 km to go spurred me on to the end.


How is your marathon training going?


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