Manchester Marathon Training Week 15

Marathon Training has begun

This years Marathon, for me, will be the ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon.  It is due to be run on 8th April 2018.   I have revisited for my training plan which says I should complete the race in a jaw dropping 4:26:50!  A full copy of my plan is here if you want to follow along with me.

I started back in October 2017, after getting the no magazine for the London Marathon again!  Training Week 15 is here.  The journey to this point has been fine, I have followed the plan well, and still doing the running streak along with it (412 days today).  I’ve kept to 1-2 miles on the “rest days” aside from December when I had a 150 mile challenge to complete.

Manchester Marathon Week 15

Manchester Marathon Training Week 15 – Days 1 and 2

Day 1 – 5.05 km in 31:52 with average pace 6:18 min/km  (17-01-2018)

Rest Days are supposed to be Monday, Tuesday and Friday from the plan.   The first run of the week was run at a comfortable pace , completing a 32 min 5K.  That’s not too bad for me,  my 5Ks are now around 27 minutes 🙂  (26.40 is my PB at parkrun), so I’m getting good, or getting average I should say!  It’s definitely a big improvement on how I have been running 5Ks in recent months, especially since I’ve lost all my weight.  I am happy about that.

Today’s run went fine.  I did feel a little bit tired, at the beginning of the run, in the first 2 K.  Normally it takes me a while to warm up, but I felt a little more lethargic than normal.  That has been the running theme (pardon the pun) in the last couple of weeks.  I had a bit of a downer at work – I found out that my Fixed Term contract was not going to be renewed.  This was unexpected and it just put a negative spin on everything.

The end date will be 24th January, so that’s next week I will be unemployed!! 🙁  As you can imagine, I have been a bit sad and so stuffing my face with problem foods.  I haven’t been doing my Keto Diet properly.  However, because I am still running everyday I am able to burn off the calories.  Thankfully I have not gone over my goal weight – I am still maintaining.

Day 2 – 13.33 km in 1:22:57with average pace 6:13 min/km (19-01-2018)

I was supposed to do 12 km the following day but I was not able to get up in time to run the full distance before work.  I had plans after work, so I was only able to fit in a mile.  As my last working day in the office was Friday, and I was due to be let go earlier in the day I planned a run in the afternoon.

I work in London, just by St Pauls Cathedral, so I decided to run to Hyde Park, I ended up doing just over 13 km in the end.  I ran from St Pauls down to  the river, ran along the river up to St James’ Park and along the Mall to Buckingham Palace. Then I ran along to Kensington Gardens, via Hyde Park, up to the Albert memorial and the Albert Hall.  Stopping a lot along the way out to take some pictures.  I ran all the way back to St Pauls via the Strand.

London Marathon Training Week 15

The route I had planned was 12 km, taking me from St Pauls to Hyde Park to West Hampstead Station and then I was to take my train home.  However, I got a huge bunch of flowers, and I couldn’t run with them.  I had to leave them at reception, then run out and then back to collect them.

It was a good run.  Even though I stopped and started, it was a good run to clear my mind, as it was not a good day.  I so enjoy running!  I’m so glad I found running! It does clear out a lot of “sins” I would say… bad rubbish in your brain… just shoves them out of it!  I’m so glad I have found it, and can use it to my advantage!  It took me an 1hr 22 minutes and I am sure I am well within my pace range for the day.

Manchester Marathon Training Week 15 – Days 3 and 4

Day 3 – 5.20 km in 31:03 with average pace 6:00 min/km (20-01-2018)

It’s Saturday, which is parkrun day.  It was supposed to be 5k today at a 7min or so pace.  I didn’t run parkrun, I was a volunteer today, a number checker.  If you remembered your barcode, but the scanners are not able to read it, for whatever reason, the number checker makes note of your athletes number (barcode) and your run token – so it can be added to the results manually.  It was raining, it was so hard to write the numbers down.  I got to the 4th one and my page was so soggy that the pen couldn’t write the numbers.  Also there were a lot of people with soggy paper barcodes.  They were unreadable  to me too.  It was a bit of a challenge – I ended up using my iPhone to take pictures of the barcodes and run tokens!

Anyway, as I did not run at parkrun I split the 5K in two parts, by running there and then back home afterwards.  My run on the way out ended up being 2K, and on the way back I ran 3K.  In the rain!  I was able to complete the 5K, but just with a big break in the middle.

Day 4 – 16.10 km in 1:40:01with average pace 6:13 min/km (21-01-2018)

Although the plan called for 12km, I was going to do 20km.  This was because last Sunday we had a cross country race which was only 4.5 miles (7 km) so I was 13 km short.

I wanted to do 20km, but it was snowing this morning so I ended up doing 16km, in between.  It surprisingly went really well.  I started off a little slow, as there was more snow on the ground.  By the end of the run most of the snow melted away.  I possibly could have continued but I was home by then, which always triggers the end of the run in my head.

How is your marathon training going?


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