Longest run of the year so far

It’s been sometime since I last posted.  A lot has been happening in life and with running, which has lead me, last weekend, to do the longest run of the year so far.

In July

I ran a total of 122 km.  This was completed both here and in my old home of Ottawa, Canada.  I went back for a 2 week break to see my old friends.  It was a fun trip and I also managed to sneak in a 5 K, the Hintonburg Centennial 5K Race.  There was no medal, but there was cake!  🙂   I came in at 31m 22s my fastest 5K yet and officially this is a PB.  However, my watch measured it at 4.78 km which is too short for me to count it personally, so I am waiting on another race to beat this one 🙂  Although, using a pace calculator to bring the distance to 5K does make the time 32m 48s which is still faster, by 2 seconds, than my previous PB, so I feel justified to still mark it as a PB.  I also started my new job, which is going quite well.  My team are nice people and it is lovely to be getting back to what I know and love.

In August

I ran a total of 116 km.  A reduction due to missing a few runs, 3 runs in fact.  I think starting the new job meant an earlier start time, so I couldn’t fit in morning runs.  Sometimes, it was too hot to go for a run in the evening, and whilst waiting for it too cool down it got a bit too late to go out.  I have since been able to bare going out in the dark again, and braving the heat on occasion too.  I was not able to find a race this month, but I have been consistently attending ParkRuns on a Saturday morning.  It has become a Saturday morning ritual indeed.   With that my times have been improving allowing me to PB in 2 consecutive weeks.  My Parkrun PB now stands at 33m 5s, I am pretty pleased with that.  Still striving for the 30 minute 5K by the end of the year, and with 3.5 months to go – it seems it may be possible.  I still have not embarked on speed training, and I am still considering it…. one day soon … maybe.


We are now halfway through September and, so far, already I have run 82 km.  It is safe to say that I will be beating my total month distance run.  This is because I am marathon training again.  I didn’t think I would run another marathon again … my conditions were that I would only attempt one if I knew I could complete it in 5hrs or less OR if I got my ballot place at the London Marathon.  My conditions changed when my friend suffered a severe stroke and would remain in hospital for a very long time to come.  It was sudden, and a complete shock.  I always feel helpless in these situations.  The only thing I can do is run and help raise money.  So I’m embarking on the Bournemouth Marathon on 2nd October -less than 3 weeks to go.  I am running for the Stroke Association – please feel free to support my marathon efforts and this great cause at http://www.justgiving.com/evelyn-lutterodt any amount counts.  I have been lucky enough to have great supporters, who have already generously helped me reach my target, I am pretty pleased about that.  So that is the reason that I had my longest run this weekend … 18.6 long miles, or 30km.  The last time I completed a 30km was in a race last year and I did it in 4h 11m – my training time this weekend was 3h 50m – almost 20 minute improvement !!!

It is now time to taper according to the plan.  However, I also have 2 races coming up before the big one.  I will be doing Richmond Half Marathon this weekend and Ealing Half Marathon next Sunday.   I’m reducing my runs. either distance or runs per week.  This week I only managed one run at 3 km.  I was hoping to do Parkrun as well, but it got cancelled.  I was also going to do a run with a friend, but it turned in to a walk instead, it was probably about 4 miles though.  Next week I will get a couple of 2 mile runs in, and hopefully parkrun too.

Back at the end of May I restarted the 5.2 diet again.  I needed to shift some weight.  I was enjoying the fact that running had enabled me to lose weight slowly whilst still being able to eat and drink how I pleased.  But although my running performance was improving, it is following a very slow progress line.  I feel that it’s because I am having to carry around this extra weight.  I decided that the 5:2 diet would help.  After 13 weeks, not including the 2 weeks I was away, I lost 10.6 pounds (4.8 kg) and I also dropped a dress size!  People have noticed the difference in me too!   In the last couple of weeks, as the marathon training runs increase in speed and distance, I began to feel weak.  It must have been due to burning too many calories, much more than I was consuming, over the week.  I decided to put the 5:2 diet on pause for now and I hope to resume it after the marathon is done.

I hope holiday season was fun for you, and running and races went well.  I’m now off to collect some more medals 🙂


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