Loch Ness Marathon Training so far

Marathon Training has begun again!

Would you believe that I’m training for another marathon this year!  I am a glutton for punishment aren’t I?  Loch Ness Marathon training so far has been a different kettle of fish to the training for Manchester.  I am using myasics.com for my training plan again and this time, supposedly, I should complete the race in 4:16:22!  A full copy of my plan is here if you want to follow along with me.

Unfortunately this is the last time I will be able to use my old faithful training plan site.  They are shutting down and asking users to transfer over to runkeeper!  I’m not sure I will do that, but I have until 30th September before it shuts down completely… good timing.

The weather has reached record highs with temperatures well into 27°C and over.  I’m finding it difficult to stick to my target times because of it, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve been struck with a minor injury!

16 Weeks to go

Loch Ness Marathon
Each week the plan is to run 4 times a week.  This weeks (w/c 4th June 2018) planned runs are as follows:-

  • The first run is a slow comfortable 5K at 7:24 min/km,
  • 2 mid-week 8 km runs of between 5:42 at 6.01 min/km
  • a long run of 16km at between 6:17 and 6:50 min/km.

My 5km run was fine, I can’t seem to slow it down to the target pace.  I try to run up the local steep hill at the start, but of course I have to come back down it  This means my pace speeds up by the end.  But overall it is a nice comfortable pace.  My first 8km of the week went well on the run itself but was not as fast as it should have been.  It was starting to warm up at around 16°C.

My 2nd 8km run was even worse – I completed it in 54:47 at a pace of 6:51 min/km 🙁  I was having one of those days.  It was dawning on me that finding a job for the first time was going to be harder than it has been in the past.  My skill set is no longer needed,  my job types are either being outsourced to India or I’ll need to move to the US.  Running is helping me cope as much as it can.

Sunday long run day!  It was the St Albans Half Marathon and I was helping out on one of the water stations again this year.  It was fun to do, and great to give back to the running community.  Admittedly I wish I was running the race, but then I remembered it was a HOT and HILLY race.  You do get an ice lolly at the end though 🙂    It was definitely hot and when I was able to get to my run it was still 19°C.  I was able to complete 15.04 km (1km short) in 1:44:04 at a pace of 6:55 min/km.  Still slower then target, but with the heat I was not too troubled with this run.

I update my times to the plan.  As I am definitely running slower, it has suggested that I revise my plan.  I had a quick look and it would revise it to 4h36!  I decided not to revise and stick to the original goal.  I’d rather attempt the paces and strive to that goal first.  If I end up being slower than that, that is fine.  The heat is not my friend when it comes to running, I have always known that.  Hopefully by September, the temperatures would have cooled down again!

How  are you  coping  with running in this heat wave (in the UK)?


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