Juneathon – Day 29 – The penultimate one

..That was what I woke up too this morning! I very rarely see the sunrise. I always see the sunset, but being a night owl I am normally not the earliest to wake up. It was such a hot day all day yesterday, and knowing I had a long run today, I planned to try and avoid running in the heat. Looking at the weather app it stated it was going to be 19°C at 6am. Shocking time for me to wake up on a Sunday!!
19°C at 6am and 26°C at 11am, I think it was well worth getting up earlier, and thankfully, I managed it. I was a bit sluggish, and of course I hadn’t got my running gear ready! So it was a bit of while from getting up to setting out, around 20 minutes! I chugged down a glass of water, as well as filling up my water bottles, and also had a shot blok, but then I was on my way. When I leave my building I come down the stairs and out 1 floor up, out to the back of the building. I use the time it takes to walk round to the front as my basic warm up walk. As I rounded the building I came across this…

Tent!! What's that doing there!

Tent!! What’s that doing there!

I was amused and surprised to see a tent set up! I am not even sure if there was someone in it! But wasn’t going to attempt to find out either.

Even though it was 19°C, there was a slight chill to the air. I thought great, but that didn’t last long at all! Once I warmed up it was hot, and the sweat mixed with sunscreen was getting in my eye! I am going to need to invest in some wrist sweat bands soon I think. The rest of the run was fine, it was hot but bearable. I came across so many squirrels and rabbits that I couldn’t resist taking a picture:-



They’re the cutest! I wasn’t able to get any closer, as they scampered away when I approached to close.

My run was 10.53 km in 1 hour 31 minutes 31 seconds, average pace 8:41 min/km. The end of Juneathon is nigh! Just one more day to go! It will just be a short run tomorrow, and I will also include the past weeks summary in the final Juneathon blog post!


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