Juneathon – Day 24 – Soggy Soggy Day

Although warm, it has been a grey, dreary, wet, soggy, soggy day! The rain has been literally pouring all day long, without stopping. It’s now about 8:30pm and I can still hear the sound of the rain outside.


I quite like the sound of the rain though. It has a somewhat soothing affect on me! However, I did hear some rumbling of thunder in the distance – not so keen on that! I have never noticed the iPhone weather app has actions of the weather, so when it’s raining you see the rain falling. And look at this, it’s a thunderstorm so it has flashes of light every so often (that’s what I saw in the corner of my eye) and then a streak of lighting! How cool is that?!

iPhone Weather app

I set out this morning for my leisurely 5 km run. It was already grey, and I could see it had been raining, but it had stopped at the point I stepped outside. I started off and it began to lightly rain. It was ok, as it was warm, so it was refreshing. At around the 2.5 km point, about halfway, the rain came down harder. And has not stopped since then. I was literally soaked to the skin when I got home. Right down to my undies! This is me at the end of the run… that’s not sweat its rain!


I ran 5.11 km for 44 minutes and 25 seconds, average pace 8:41 min/km. Slower than usual for my first run of the week, but still within pace for the plan, so I will not complain. I also did 20 assisted pull-ups.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I found my ring, yay!!! It must have come off as I was putting something in my bag. I am going to have to keep an eye on it from now on.


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