Juneathon – Day 22 – MEC Ottawa Race 4 – Summer Solstice Shuffle 5K

It was a beautiful day today! The sun was out, the sky was blue and clear and it was hot! Luckily, for me, first thing this morning was much cooler, at around 17-18°C. I had another 5K race to compete in. This would be my 7th race in the 14 in 2014 challenge – so half way through for that one 🙂 It was out in Carp this time, I had to take the route, half of it, that I took when I got my first speeding ticket – so I was overly cautious. I also didn’t want to miss my turning, as Google maps wanted to take me on a road that I knew would be closed due to the race. But I managed to make it there in time, and with no additional fine! It was the most amount of people that I have seen at the MEC Ottawa races so far. It must be the weather. Most were there for the 10K and Half Marathon! I kind of wished that I was doing the 10K, as this would have matched up perfectly with my HM training. I also, don’t see myself being a speedster as my 5K times don’t seem to be going down at all. But a 10K I can hang! Here’s a shot of the start line and the lovely blue sky.
The Start Line
All the races set off at the same time. The route was quite a scenic route. It went through some residential area but mostly farmland and/or hills. I suspect the half marathon route was much more beautiful as there turnaround was much further on. I made sure that I didn’t start off at too fast a pace. I thought I had done that successfully however looking at my times showed the first split was at 6:12 min/km pace. It did feel easy for the first K but I settled into a pace of around 7:25 min/km. I thought I was doing quite well, runkeeper was saying that my average pace was around 7:30 min/km. But then we hit a downhill, on retrospect I should have sped up at this point to make up for it on the way back up. But no I kept the pace. But going back up the hill was a chore. I managed to keep running but I slowed down, about a minute slower. That caused my race time to be slower. 🙂 The official time was 37 min 22sec – I am gutted, one it was 2 seconds slower than my last race and two, as came round the final loop I could see the clock and it had 36 mins… I picked up my speed so that I could come in with a 36 min time and clocked around 36:19. I was so sure of it, so can understand my disappointment when the official time was 37:22 :(. It still a good time, for me, but it was just a bit of a let down.


I also had to complete my HM training, which was supposed to be 10.5 km – however as I had already run 5 K, I didn’t know whether to stick to the plan or just do 5.5 k. I had decided to do the 10.5 k. But, it was such a hot day, 25°C, I decided to wait until it cooled down a little. I had to wait until 8pm. This was good timing, as it enabled me to watch the USA v Portugal game. I’m disappointed as Portugal only drew with the USA. Which means Germany will have to beat USA and Ghana will have to beat Portugal, for Ghana to get through. Anyway I went for my run. I only managed just under 7.5 km, as it got pretty dark near to the end of the run. It does mean my total for the whole day was around 12.5 km. That’s huge for me!


What did you think? Let me know below!

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