Juneathon – Day 14 – Britannia Beach Run 5K

It was slated to be a hot sunny day! The heat was there but hardly any sunshine at all!  It was threatening to rain – Again!  But luckily the rain has not arrived as yet!  So today was another 5K race.  It’s the 6th Race in my 14 in 2014 challenge – which I have just noticed is basically today’s date too – June 14th 2014 🙂 !!   It was a little bit of a struggle to get there – I am only a 15 minute drive away, and I had already picked up my bib, so I decided to leave a little later than usual!  I would just need to collect my timing chip, and I didn’t want to wait too long in my own.  I only new places to park when I got there, but of course due to the races (also tris and duathlons) they had stopped cars going right into the park.  So I struggled to find parking, as everyone else had parked along the street close by.  I couldn’t go too far, as I would need “walking” time to get back to the start line!  Anyway I circled the streets, nearby, a fair few times before I spotted a little space after another vehicle.  My car is not that long, so I hoped the back would not peek over the driveway behind.  I got out to check first, and I was OK.  I didn’t know where I parked relation to the start line, and it was 9:15 am – the race starts at 9:45 am, so I got a little panicky!  I walked in the general direction and soon, I started seeing other runners going in the same direction!  So that made me feel better!  I got to the chip pick up at around 9:25 am so I had more than enough time!  So don’t know why I was worried 🙂

I was hoping to get 36 mins or so! I started off with that intention, but it seems that this was definitely too much for me! My first two splits were good but most likely much too fast as they were both below 7 minutes per km.
Britannia Beach Splits
It then took it’s toll on me, and when I reached the water stop I had to walk – I probably walked far too long, so when I got moving again, I just couldn’t get back in to the swing again. I stopped to walk a couple more times, but kept aware that the average pace did not waver too much.

As you can see Nike+ says my 5K was done in 36 mins 29 seconds, which I would be pleased about, however the official time was 37 mins 20 seconds. How can it be so different!
Britannia Beach Run
I have to go with the official time, which is unfortunate, but it is still 28 seconds off my previous PB/PR so I can’t complain.

What I can complain about is England losing to Italy! Boo.. I raced home from a baby shower, and got stopped for speeding! My first encounter with the Police over here.! It wasn’t all bad, I ended up with just a fine for good past record 🙂 But $50 for the privelege of catching the game! It was a good match Raheem Sterling was Sterling! and Rooney could have done better! But only the first in the round so onward and upward!

Juneathon Week 2 in review:-
(In the excitement of the race, getting pulled over by the police for speeding and the England match … I totally forget to add in my week in review! So adding now 2014-06-18)

Day 8 – 7.06 km run
Day 9 – 2.01 km run
Day 10 – 5.06 km run
Day 11 – 7.06 km run
Day 12 – 1.86 km run
Day 13 – 7.06 km run
Day 14 – 5.15 km run

Total Distance run: 35.26 km (21.9 miles)
Juneathon Total Distance run: 67.22 km (41.76 miles)


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