Janathon 2017 Day 6 – A long short week

Janathon 2017 Day 6 – A long short week

Although it was only a 4 day week, it has definitely felt much longer! Thank goodness it’s Friday! Although it was warmer today, it has been wetter too! It’s been raining all day and still is. Luckily the later I have left my run, the lighter the rain has got.  On my return, I was not as drenched as I could have been.  But I felt very lethargic today.  The route I took had a little more elevation than usual too! My fuel ergo dinner beforehand was only a couple of slices of toast and a coffee, so that probably didn’t help either. With all that being said, I still feel the better for it!  I have actually now been running for 37 days straight as I started my runstreak on the 1st December! I’m glad I’m still going (not so) strong! 

Todays total: 5.09 km (3.2 miles)
Janathon Total: 29.88 km (18.7 miles)


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