Janathon 2017 Day 20 – Run commute

Janathon 2017 Day 20 – Run commute

Janathon 2017 Day 20 - Run commuteIt’s Friday, and an end to another week.  Although it’s been a short work week for me, it has still felt as long as it normally does.  Today, I decided to pack my trainers and sports bra.  At the end of the day, I put them on and ran from my office near Aldgate, to Kings Cross, which worked out to be just of 3 miles.  Perfect!  Although, I wasn’t in full running gear, I really enjoyed it.

Weaving and dodging through the crowds of people.  Running through streets I have not run through before.  I think I will do this run more often, and I may actually get my full running gear on.  When I got to Kings Cross, this art installation was spotted and has a swing inside it.   I wanted to go in Kings Cross and find platform 9 3/4  (Harry Potter!), but I decided to leave that to another time.

On my run, I passed, and was passed by, a lot of other runners.  If I could get up in time, I would definitely have considered buying a rail only ticket, no underground.  That would save me £100 a month!  It would mean I would have to walk, or run, to Aldgate in the morning though!  It would be well worth it!

Todays total: 5.10km (3.1 miles)
Janathon Total: 101.10 km (62.7 miles)


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