Greater Manchester Marathon 2018 Training Plan

The London Marathon Ballot came and went again like a flash.  My 3rd attempt was unsuccessful, no 3rd time lucky for me.  As is now tradition, I have gone ahead and booked my alternative race, and I have chosen the Asics Greater Manchester Marathon.  I have revisited for my training plan which says I could complete the race in a jaw dropping 4:26:50!  The plan calls for 4 runs a week, and with my run streak still going the rest days I will try and only run 1-2 miles.  Please feel free to follow along.  Comment below if you do!  I also hope to do weekly training posts too.  I’ll definitely be posting on my Instagram.  Here goes…

I’m vlogging on YouTube – Please watch my playlist

Update Nov 2017:  I’m excited to announce that I won my running club London Marathon place!  It looks like I will now be running 2 Marathons in April next year!  So Manchester will be my “long run” for London!  I am looking forward to both!

Update Dec 2017:  Unfortunately due to the club only receiving 1 entry this year, I will no longer be running the London Marathon.  🙁

The Plan

Marathon Training Plan 2018
Marathon Training Plan
Marathon Training Plan
Marathon Training Plan