Gathering races … And the Colonel by Classic 8K

I reviewed my upcoming races list last week. Firstly, to check whether I had the 14 I needed to complete this years challenge, and secondly to go ahead and register for them. The majority had not been registered, and some were way past the deadline for the discount registration rates … Boo! Note to self – must register earlier!! I also had two more races to find, as I had originally planned on 12 races this year! One of them is this years Canada Army Run, but not the 5K, I only went and registered for the half marathon! No it wasn’t a mistake, I did click the right option 🙂 I was umming and ahhing over it for a while now. Couple of people at work are doing the 5K this year, they did it last year too. One printed off the half marathon training plan for me, for the Disney race, and it’s been pinned to my desk for a month or so now. My “dilemma” was whether the Disney race should be my first half. When I was able to get through and register I was so happy that it would be, and it’s a nice story to tell. But my first half at the Canada Army run would also be a great story to tell, and would be a local race too! In addition I won’t have to worry so much about stopping for the characters along the disney route.

The other race I found was an unusual distance at 8K for the Colonel by Classic race, also in Ottawa. It doesn’t seem to be a very common distance but other alternatives were 1K or 3K, or even triathlons and duathlons! 1K/3K were too short, and I’m not ready for the others just yet, although a sprint duathlon appeals! My search was last Sunday evening and unfortunately I just missed the cut off for online registration 🙁 So my first late registration experience was to follow. It was not so bad, aside from having to wait inline, and then pay more than I should have! Getting downtown on a Friday was also better than expected, despite that it was going to be a long weekend, Victoria Day. I left work a little early, but hey it was Friday!

The late registration process was trouble free, they even wrote my name on my bib for me (it would have been printed). Due to other races going on, my race wasn’t until 11:45 – this threw me off a little. I don’t have a proper race day prep yet, but the ones I have done so far start at around 08:00, so I barely ate breakfast. I was a bit weary about eating anything, but at that time of the day I would have to have something. I just had toast and coffee and headed out. The weather was near perfect. The sun was peaking through the clouds and was letting out some heat. This was perfect for waiting on the race. The runs were delayed a little due to some cyclist from the tri-/duathlons still being on part of the course. But we were soon underway. There were not many runners at all, 90 in total. So the odds are that I will be at the back of the pack. It doesn’t bother me at all. Although I do want to improve my times, I also want to enjoy the run. I definitely feel the burn, but I also feel (albeit when the run is over) that I could push myself more. I’m definitely improving though because I ran all of it, only stopping to drink water – I’ve not managed the art of running and drinking from a cup without spilling half of it yet, lol! And what’s even better my 1K splits were all between 6:22 and 7:49!!! None went to 8 at all! I’m so proud of that!
Looking at the 10K I did last week, I wanted to make sure that this race was 1 hour, or better. This will ensure that I am still on the same level.


And I was. So I came in at 59m 4s. Finally in a race that gave out finishers medals too. My next race is not until the end of June. It’s a 5k. So I’m going to either take a couple of weeks off for training for a race, but of course I’ll still run – maybe work on improving my speed. Then I will start my half marathon training!



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