First time Timekeeping at parkrun

It was my first time Timekeeping at parkrun today.  Stopsley Striders were out in force due to our beginners graduating. So we all volunteered.

First time Timekeeping at parkrun

It was a Stopsley Striders take over! We tried to do as many volunteer places as possible. Here are a few of us. 😊

I’ve enjoyed performing many of the parkrun volunteer roles so far.  However, I have always avoided being a timekeeper. I have always been a little nervous about having peoples parkrun times in my hands!  If anything went wrong, it would be my fault.  Some people are very precious about their times.  I have known those who do not even get there barcode scanned if the time is not to there liking.  It isn’t a race, not at all…  but if that week was someones day for a PB and something I did caused that to not count, I’d not be happy.

I had noting to worry about.  It all went swimmingly.  We had 384 parkrunners come through today.  My stopwatch was used to upload the times too. Woot woot!  I was happy with that.  I am even happy to do it again. My first time Timekeeping at parkrun was a success.  Timekeeper has joined Bar code scanning and Pacer as one of may fave volunteer roles. 🙂

Today was also week 11 day 3 of my Loch Ness Marathon plan.  A comfortable 5K of around  7.18 min/km pace.  I split the 5K by running half of it the park and the other half from the park, after parkrun.  It was 2.54 km out and 2.51 km back. Total time was 32mins at a pace of 6:22 min/km.  It was nice and breezy on the way out, and cloudy but warm on the way back.


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