31 Days Purple Plank Challenge

Purple Plank Challenge

31 Days Purple Plank Challenge

I’ve neglected core work for so long and as March is a special month for me… and my first birthday with this new body I thought it’s time to make a start on something.  If you follow me on instagram you may have caught my instastory that I had made a start on my plank challenge.  I decided to time how long it would take me to do a plank.  Then increase upon this time everyday throughout March.  A couple of people DM’d me and asked if this was an official challenge or not, and wanted to join me.  I didn’t know if there was anything out there but I thought I would start my own and see how far it reaches.

On Day 1 it took me 1m 1s and Day 9 I have reached 1m 47s!  It is already starting to get harder and I have no idea if 5 minutes is achievable, but thats a good target to reach for.

Join me in a 31 day Purple Plank challenge!

If you missed the 1st March why not start today! You can either do the remainder of March or start your 31 days from today!

Start with a minimum 30 seconds plank (or what you can do)

Try and increase your time each day

Post your time in the comments below
Alternatively I’ll post each day on instagram so you’ll be able to follow along
Use #purpleplankchallenge 
on your own posts

I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts and improvements 💜💜💜

Happy Planking!! 😊

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