500 Days Running

On 14th April 2018 my run streak reached 500 Days running! Astounding!!! It’s a huge milestone to attain! But it has not been difficult! As the days pass, fitting in a run has become the norm. There is still no set time of day that I run. As long as I do run that is the main thing.

There has been so many life changes that running has been the only constant! I’ve nearly reached the point where I depend on my run. I think my day would be lost if I don’t do it! Even if it is only a mile. Even if some days it takes longer to put on my running gear then to actually run. It is definitely worth the effort.

From the 1st December 2016 I have run a total of 3039.4 km or 1876.2 miles! These runs have taken the form of training runs, parkruns and races, on road and on trail. And from 1 mile to 26.2 miles and all the combinations in between. Some routes are repeated, and some are exploratory! But none are ever boring! I think those who follow my Instagram may get bored of my runselfies before I ever get bored of my running!

I celebrated my 500th run with Luton Wardown parkruns’ 3rd Birthday. The theme was the Mad hatters tea party and I chose the Cheshire Cat! It was left a little too late to get a proper costume but I managed to get some sparkly cat ears and I impressed myself with my own reproduction drawing, which I pinned to my shirt!

I was impressed anyway! I should have drawn a tail too, but didn’t think of that in time! I’ll have to keep this though! 😂😊

Since I last posted about achieving 100 days of running, I have changed so much.  I’ve lost weight and have improved in my fitness, and running performance.  But the same remains, I still enjoy running, and I seem to be able to fit the runs in any way I can; planned or unplanned.  Running everyday still has not really taken its toll on my body.  Not out of the ordinary anyway.

500 days running

Here is to another 500!


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