21 goes at 21 km for a PB at the Ealing Half Marathon 2016



21 goes at 21 km for a PB at the Ealing Half Marathon 2016

Competing in half marathons has fast become one of my favourite things to do.  I’m a back of the pack runner, and proud to be one, but I’ve been striving to reach, and beat, 2 hours 30 minutes.  That would put me closer to a more “average” time – well there’s still about 30 minutes to go ha ha!  Not that it really matters, but you gotta have goals! 🙂

I’ve been collecting half marathon medals for some time now.   And after all this time, it has taken me 21 goes at 21km for a PB!  On the 25th September 2016,  I ran my 21st half marathon at the Ealing Half Marathon 2016!

It was a lovely warm day, 15 °C, for a September race!  Still t-shirt weather.  Maybe a 21 goes at 21 km at the Ealing Half Marathon 2016little too warm, but definitely a comfortable wait at the start.   There was a warmup session which made a nice change.  Not only to help get you going, but especially if you are like me and came alone.  It broke up the time whilst waiting. It consisted of the usual star jumps, running on the spot, etc, and took around 5-10 minutes.

Then we were directed towards the start.  For the number of people attending, the narrow pathway that leads out of the park will become a bottleneck in future races.  We stood around a little while, and if it were cooler, the warm up would have been a little wasted.  I don’t believe the start time was delayed too much… it just felt that way.  I chatted to a few people whilst we waited which was nice.

The 1st 5k took 34:51 and was where most of the elevation gain in the course was run.  The 2nd 5k took 34:23, only slightly quicker due to reaping the benefits of the downhills.  What goes up must come down.  That’s the only thing that is good about running hills!!! 🙂

The 3rd 5k took 37:00 exactly!  Here’s where I start to slow down in the race.  It’s the start of the second half of the race and although I gather my momentum, running has still taken it’s toll a little.  The 4th 5k section took 35:55, this was a more level section of the course which enabled the momentum, I was gathering, to trully take some affect, speeding up this section by a minute or so on the last.

The final part of the race actually measured 1.25km, by my watch, and took me 8:10 to complete.  In total my garmin clocked me at 2:30:19, but as you can see from the official timing I was 2 seconds faster … even better so my half marathon official PB is 2:30:17!! 😀 😀 😀

21 goes at 21 km for a PB at the Ealing Half Marathon 2016

After the previous weeks PB, at the Richmond Half, I was seriously on a roll!  I definately felt really good throughout the race.  However, I do still stop to walk at the water stations.  Who knows when I will reach a point where I can run a whole 13.1 miles without needing to stop.  But, for now, I am pleased with my progress.

I was reading and reflecting on my very first half marathon back in September 2014.  I’ll leave you with what I wrote back then, my feeling remains the same …

I have enjoyed this experience so much.  Even doing this alone, has not hindered the enjoyment whatsoever.  Before I embarked on this journey I didn’t think I had it in me.  But I now see that as long as you train and put in the hard work, you can achieve anything.  This has boosted my confidence in other areas of my life too!


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