My 1st Runniversary

It’s my 1st Runniversary! This time last year, I had just completed the Couch to 5K program and celebrated that achievement with my first 5K race.  So what better way to mark the occasion, then to run the same race again.  So that is what I did.  Saturday 6th December I took part in the Santa Shuffle 5K in Ottawa.

1st Runniversary Kids 1K StartIt was a cold day, as it was last year, however in comparison it was “warmer” this time round.  I say warmer relatively speaking as it was still -2 degrees C!  Luckily those arriving early could wait in the government building, where the race day kit pick up was being held.  I recall last year, there was a heated tent outside – but they didn’t do that this year.  I also recall that they did not announce the start of the race to those in the tent – as I was inside, I thought that may just happen again, so I ventured out to watch the kids 1k race.  The local radio station DJ was MCing and music was playing – so it helped to keep warm by dancing 🙂

1st Runniversary 5K Start

5K Start

Once the kids race was done – it’s always lovely to see the little ones walking, jogging or running their way around! and being so amazed at the crowds cheering them to the finish – the 5K fun runners could get ready.  There were a lot of Santas and even Darth Vader and a storm trooper !

1st Runniversary Surrounded by Santas

Surrounded by Santas

The Santa Shuffle is a fun run charity race, so although they have a clock at the Start-Finish line, it is not a chipped timed race.  The course itself differed only slightly, but this seemed to be a full 5K!  I knew I would perform better this time round, since I have had a full year of running events – but my training has not been what should have been of late – so I did not perform as best as I could have done.  Although we always think that after the race is done, don’t we?   I set off a little too fast, for me, as is usual up until now, but managed to keep the pace for the whole first km.  A little after I passed the first km I walked (that was at 10 minutes) I counted to 60 in my head and then carried on running again.  The walk slowed down my 2km split by around 40 seconds or so.   I then ran until the first water stop – and drank the warm water they had at the aid station.  I walked and drank, and then continued running again.  I think at 20 minutes I stopped and walked again, but after that I was back in my stride and at that point I could keep going!  I was able to pick my speed again and finish the last 2 km with better splits.  At the end, as well as picking up your finishers medal, you also got a nice cup of hot chocolate and a cookie!  That was a nice ending! 🙂

I now use my Nike+ to track my workouts but I did not have it last year.  So I used my runkeeper app so that I could get a reasonable comparison of my performance – if you are using the same equipment the results should be more accurate!  So here’s a side by side of this years run (right) and last year is run (left).

1st Runniversary Route Comparison

See how I’ve improved!

Since neither tracked a full 5k alone I used  the average pace specified to calculate the 5K.  Last years was 40:50 and this years was 37:39 giving a 2m 21 s course PR!  I am chuffed with that!  (Note Nike+ recorded 37:13)

It’s not an overall PR, but it’s a definite improvement over last year, so that’s all I can ask for.  Looking at my splits the pattern has not changed – the first is the fastest, I loose a little wind at the second, the third is the slowest and the 4th and 5th build the speed back up again.   So my quest for a 30 minute 5k continues.  It will only happen if I do the speed work – which I really haven’t been doing!  So… goal for next year me thinks!

1st Runniversary Medal

Runniversary Medal

Here’s me with my Runniversary Medal … and below last year’s along side it!

1st Runniversary Medals Side by Side

Medals Side by Side

Runniversary Miles

From the 22nd January 2014 – 6th December 2014 I have completed the following:

Distance of 1024.9 km (636.8 miles)

Duration: 144h 28m 25s

Burned: 85056 Calories

Lost : 14 pounds

(Note: Runkeeper stats from 7th December to 21st January will be added soon)

And this is how I looked then (left) and now (right).  Apart from my hairstyle I can see the change in my face, my cheeks and neck are smaller.  Also the shirt size has gone down from L to M! 🙂

1st Runniversary Then and Now

Then and Now

Is it your 1st Runniversary?  How did you celebrate it?  What changes have you seen?



What did you think? Let me know below!

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