14 Day Toned Arms Challenge

Whilst running on the hottest day of the year so far I realized that it will soon be time to change my running wardrobe!  From covering up to keep warm, to less and less clothing to keep cool!  I have always worn t-shirts but I may venture in to wearing vests this summer!  I have lost some weight, not a huge amount, but enough to be more confident in showing my arms – but at t-shirt level!   With this in mind it is time I started looking into toning my arms, some.    My Google search lead me to the 14 Day Toned Arms Challenge at the daily hit website. and looks like this:-


Doing planks and push-ups should also help with my core too!  I will track what I have done on the table below, just to keep me accountable!  I also hope that by Day 14 I will be used to doing this kind of routine that I will either keep doing them (maybe repeating Days 8-14) or increasing them or even trying a new challenge.

Try it with me!

Day/Challenge Date Completed Comments
Day 1: 10 Push-Ups/15 Dips/20 Second Plank 05-04-2015 I did 20 dips by accident 🙂
Day 2: 15 Push-Ups/20 Dips/25 Second Plank 06-04-2015 I know it’s only the second day but feeling my ab muscles ache already.
Day 3: 20 Push-Ups/25 Dips/30 Second Plank 07-04-2015 Push-ups and dips done in sets of 10.  Plank always done in full.  Today’s plank less shaky and feeling stronger 🙂
Day 4: REST DAY  08-04-2015  Rested from this challenge, but did run 8 km.
Day 5: 25 Push-Ups/30 Dips/35 Second Plank  09-04-2015  Reached 15 push-ups in a row.  Dips done in sets of 10.  And Plank done in full
Day 6: 30 Push-Ups/35 Dips/40 Second Plank  10-04-2015  2 sets of 15 push-ups in a row. Dips done in sets of 10. Plank done in full
Day 7: 35 Push-Ups/40 Dips/45 Second Plank  11-04-2015  Push-ups harder today, not sure why – 5 sets of 5 and pushed the last set out to 10.  Dips done in sets of 10. Plank done in full! Halfway already!
Day 8: REST DAY  12-04-2015  Rested
Day 9: 40 Push-Ups/45 Dips/50 Second Plank  13-04-2015 Push-ups 4 sets of 10, dips 3 sets 15 and plank done in full.
Day 10: 45 Push-Ups/50 Dips/55 Second Plank 14-04-2015 All done
Day 11: 50 Push-Ups/55 Dips/60 Second Plank 15-04-2015 All done – cant believe I did a plank for a whole minute!!! 🙂
Day 12: REST DAY 16-04-2015  Rested and ran!
Day 13: 55 Push-Ups/60 Dips/65 Second Plank 19-04-2015  All done
Day 14: 60 Push-Ups/65 Dips/70 Second Plank 21-04-2015  All Completed, I needed a couple days, but please to have accomplished this

What did you think? Let me know below!

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