100 Days and Running

100 Days and Running

100 days and running

100 days in a row I have run! Well as I write this it is now 101! I can’t believe that I’ve been able to keep this run streak going. Back at the end of last year I had lost my running mojo there for a little while. In fact the only running I did do was at Parkrun! If it wasn’t for Parkrun I’m sure the slump would have continually got worse to end with, dare I say it, no running at all!!!  As it turned out, I decided to get myself back into it by running everyday in December. I probably have mentioned this before, but I thought I’d try it after seeing Runners World’s thanksgiving streak, that they had going on.

How do I fit the runs in?

If you follow me on Instagram you would have shared my journey along with me. I have been posting every day since I started, on 1st December 2016. My first run was 5km (3 miles), but each day has been anywhere between 1 mile (1.61 km) to most recently 20 miles (32 km). Some days it’s a last minute dash before midnight – my latest run I got back at about 11:55pm and just had enough time to post before the clock turned to 12!   Some days it is first thing in the morning. I am not an early bird, most days I find it hard to even get up in time so that I can get the right train to work 🙂   If I know that I am going out in the evening, I make sure to get my mile in first thing.  Some days it’s a treadmill run at the gym.

Before we moved offices, I would run from Aldgate to City Thameslink or Farringdon, and sometimes even Kings Cross. One run commute I managed to run all the way to West Hampstead.  I make it sound like it is far, but it is actually around 10 km – which of course I have run several times before.  But when you normally take the tube or train to these places, saying that you are going to run it does make it seem like it’s further away.  If I have not completed any of the above run scenarios, I will run from Luton Station to home… which is just about a mile, depending on when I start my Garmin!    I also have Parkrun days which makes it easy to do, and the odd race here and there.  The longest day was just this weekend, where I completed the MK 20 Mile race.  All in preparation for Brighton Marathon.

Has running every day taken its toll?

So far so good!  I have not had any injuries brought on by the increased number of runs I do! I had a niggly knee issue beforehand! It comes and it goes.  I never feel it while running.  That has not got any worse, it may have even improved slightly, but it hasn’t gone away!   When I first started I was more tired then usual.  But I think that’s my body adjusting! If I could I would go to bed earlier, even if it’s falling  asleep on the couch 😂

I think it has helped me recover from races much more quickly.  After a big race I would usually take the week off of running and be sore and achy for most of it.  But running for just a mile, and slowly, has helped to workout the soreness and recover in a few days!

If I need a rest, I just run slower.  But I read another great suggestion somewhere  that running earlier one day and then later in the evening the next day gives the equivalent to a 24 hour rest in between!  I have been doing that often without realising it!

Of course, the Stats!

In the 101 days, I have run a total of 498 km, that’s nearly 309 miles.  That’s just over 39000 calories burned! That could equate to an 11 pound weight loss!  I just checked where I track my weight and between  29th November 2016 and 6th March 2017 I have actually lost 5 lbs. with no real change in my diet, I think that is quite an achievement! I’m happy with that!

It’s also helped me get a Parkrun PB of 33m 1s.  That has taken me 20 weeks to get it!  I believe running everyday has definitely contributed to this achievement.

Do I have a goal in mind?

I started off with the aim to run everyday in December.  That came and went in a flash! I didn’t want to just stop so I did another day and then another.  Now it’s over 100!  I don’t think I have an end goal! I’m just going to take everyday as it comes!  I want to keep this run streak going for as long as I possibly can!  I will keep you updated!

Have you tried a run streak?  Are you still going strong?   Please let me know in the comments below!


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  1. 13th April 2017 / 10:19 pm

    I ran everyday from the 1st Feb 2015 until October 2016. Stopped when l had a injury. Started again from Jan 30th of this year, and thus far l haven’t stopped​. Congrats on your streak. Keep going.

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